Preventing corona virus infection when taking the elevator

– Recently, people all over the world are having special concern about the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic caused by Corona virus, and how to prevent corona virus infection and the medicine for the virus which is spreading over China and some other countries including Vietnam..

– To prevent Wuhan pneumonia virus, besides increasing the body’s immune system, maintaining personal hygiene, wearing a mask when in public places, washing hands with antiseptic solutions or soap, we also need to adjust some behaviors when in public to minimize the risk of getting infected. The practice of using of public elevators that can be applied to home elevators.

– Elevators in the public area have the existence of a lot of bacteria, especially the elevator buttons are one of the most unhygienic things in the world. Therefore, in the light of seriously widespread of the pneumonia pandemic, and there is no vaccine yet, we need to change the way we use the elevator to avoid infection.

1. It is mandatory to wear a mask when using elevator

– Masks are one of the effective weapons against this dreaded disease and virus, especially in a small, enclosed space like in an elevator cabin, so it is necessary to wear a mask.


– Masks after being used should be carefully removed and put in the trash, wash your hands with antiseptic solution.

– In addition, when standing in the elevator cabin, you should keep your distance from other people to avoid contact. In case the cabin is full of people, you should wait for another turn or use the stairs.

2. Less laughing and talking when using the elevator.

– The corona virus that causes Wuhan pneumonia is in the secretions of the patient such as nasal or saliva secretions, and will be transmitted to human by ways such as coughing, sneezing, shaking hands.

– Therefore, when taking the elevator, it is necessary to limit laughing and talking to avoid Covid19 spreading.

3. Limit direct contact with elevator parts

– Do not use your fingers to press buttons in elevators as usual, you can use items such as a scroll of paper, keys, pen, or at least the back of your hand.

dung thang may chong virus corona

– Limit touching the handrail in cabin. It is possible that previous users are infected with a virus and uses the handrail, so pathogens are left at handrail, therefore, we should limit using the handrail in cabin at this time.

– Do not lean on the cabin walls. The cabin wall scan also be a source of disease, so when we lean on it accidentally, we will be exposed to the virus.

4. Clean the elevator regularly

– During the complicated spread of the Corona virus pneumonia epidemic, it is necessary to regularly clean with a specialized antiseptic solution 2-3 times a day to remove germs, pathogens in public elevators.

– This is a feasible work when the number of elevators in a building is not many. In apartment buildings, daily elevator cleaning has been taking place for a long time, but to eliminate the inflammatory virus, instead of using ordinary detergent, use an antiseptic solution.

– Thoroughly wipe the buttons, cabin walls and handrails.

– Above are some notes when using elevators, especially elevators in public areas such as apartments, office buildings, hospitals to avoid exposure to the corona virus that causes pneumonia. Each person needs to equip themselves with above knowledge to avoid getting infected or infecting others.

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