Elevator maintenance service

– In order to operate sustainably, and to improve elevator’s lifetime during use, the investor needs to pay more attention to the maintenance of the elevator. Hung Phat Company would like to provide warranty and maintenance services for elevators periodically, which specified in the article below.

1. Warranty service:

– Warranty service applies to all products provided by HUNG PHAT. The warranty period is 12 months from the date of acceptance or according to the manufacturer’s warranty policy.

– Free warranty for manufacturer’s defects, excluding damage due to natural wear and tear, non-compliance with manufacturer’s operating regulations, or user error.

2. Maintenance Service:

– During or after the warranty period, if customers have demand, Hung Phat will provide periodic maintenance services to maintain stable operation and longevity of the equipment.

– Maintenance services include periodic inspection and maintenance of elevators, generators, and air conditioners according to the manufacturer’s standards, troubleshooting and supply of replacement or wear and tear parts in a timely manner, helping repair parts components in the generator such as: fuel pump, injector, turbocharger, water pump, controller, automatic power converter, synchronous device, ect.

Periodic inspections of elevator equipment are as follows:

– Check and clean the equipment in the machine room

– Check the outside of the electromagnetic brake, and clean as well as increase the brake

– Check the status when the elevator is in use

– Check and repair the indicator lights, buttons in the control panel

– Check and adjust the floor selector, floor switch

– Check alarm bells, emergency lights

– Check the cabin header

– Check floor deviation, shaking, protection box of speed switch

– Check the wiring of the control cabinet

– Check the emergency door protection box

– Check the condition of the hoistway/shaft

– Check motors, traction machine, pulse counters, accelerators, door apron.

– Check the guide rail system, cable, ventilation fan system in the cabin

– Check the operation status of the elevator door

– Check the inductor box, cordon wiring and connectors

– Check the counterweight of the elevator

– Check relays, contacts and their operations.

In order to make convenience for maintenance work, bring high efficiency in customer service, and best protect elevator equipment, our company hopes that customers will enthusiastically support checking our maintenance quality according to the 6-month periodic maintenance checklist, which has been carefully researched and conforms to the standards of the elevator group.




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