Basic knowledge of elevator speed

The speed of the elevator is related to the design of the PIT pit depth and OH height. These are important technical parameters so they need to be carefully calculated before purchasing to be most suitable to avoid cases of waste. fees as well as congestion during use.

Basic knowledge of elevator speed calculation

Before deciding to choose an elevator, you need to calculate the speed of the elevator most accurately because it will affect the efficiency of operation as well as the safety and cost of the elevator when purchased. So how to calculate the speed of each type of ladder, let’s find out below:

Calculate speed for elevators with stops greater than 11 floors

  • The formula for calculating speed is as follows V = n*10 (m/min).
  • Where V is the elevator speed, n is the number of floors.
  • For example: A high-rise building has 12 floors, using an elevator with a speed of V = 12 * 10 = 120 (m/min). That means the elevator will move 90m every minute.

For elevators with stops under 11 floors

For buildings with a number of floors from 3 to 6 floors, elevators with a speed of 60 m/min will be used.

For houses with floors from 7 to 11, choose an elevator with a speed of 90 m/min or 105 m/min.

Basic knowledge of elevator speed

For elevators installed in hotels

The elevator in the hotel has a formula for calculating its own speed: V = n*7.5 (m/min).

Where V is the speed, n is the number of floors in the building. For example, if a hotel has 10 floors, the speed will be calculated as follows: V=10*7.5 = 75 (m/min), similarly this formula will be applied to hotels with different numbers of floors.

For elevators installed in hospitals

Compared to the speed of elevators in buildings, the speed of elevators in hospitals will be smaller to suit the physical condition of the patients. Often people will choose ladders with speeds from 30 to 60 m/min to suit the specific characteristics of the hospital.

 Above is some basic knowledge about calculating the appropriate elevator speed for each building structure. Hopefully with the above formulas, customers will calculate to choose the most suitable elevator for their project.

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