Design types of elevator door frames

Elevators used to transport people will have two layers of elevator doors, one layer of doors fixed to the cabin called the cabin door and one door attached to the door of each floor. A complete set of stairs will usually have one cabin door and the number of floor doors equal to the number of service floors of the elevator.

Floor doors are made from many different materials and colors and have two basic designs: floor doors with wide frames and floor doors with narrow frames, each type will be detailed below.

Elevator floor door with wide frame GF

– A type of elevator door whose frame is made wide and has a thickness equal to the thickness of the elevator pit wall.

cua thang may khung bao ban rong
  • The frame can be beveled or made perpendicular to the elevator door, however most will be beveled to make the door feel wider.
  • With the GF frame, the surface displaying the direction of movement of the cabin as well as the position of the cabin can be placed on the side or on the top of the door.
  • Projects such as office buildings, hotels or apartments often use this type of frame because in front of the elevator door is usually a large lobby and typically there are often many people waiting in front of the main elevator door, so GF will be used. to move the display above the door to ensure people standing far away from the elevator can still see.
cua thang may khung bao rong

The advantage of the GF frame-mounted door is that it gives a grand, spacious feeling to the elevator door, but it is often dented and scratched on the beveled stainless steel part.

Floor door with frame NF

– Elevator floor doors use narrow frame NF, a type of frame whose size only ranges from 5cm to 7cm. Therefore, if the wall is 20cm thick, after installing the mechanical part of the ladder, the homeowner will proceed to cover the remaining door with decorative stone.

– For elevators that use NF frames, the display will be located next to them (mostly on the right-hand side from the outside view of the elevator door, however, some projects with special requirements can be installed). left hand side).

Private projects that install home elevators will often use this type of enclosure because

  • The hallway in front of the elevator door is often narrow, a display must be placed on the side for easy observation. If arranged on top of the door, it will be very inconvenient to have to tilt your neck up to see every time you use the ladder.
  • Many homeowners often want to decorate the elevator door at a high level of sophistication, so they want to use the family elevator design as part of the interior decoration.
  • Private investors are often more practical, so if the beveled part is covered with granite or wood, it will be more durable.
  • Above are the two most commonly used types of elevator door frames. We have analyzed each type in detail so that customers can consider and make the most accurate and suitable choice for the project mine.

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