What is an ATS cabinet? Structure and function of electrical cabinets ATS

What is an ATS electrical cabinet, how is it structured and what is its functional role in the electrical system? Please join Hung Phat in following the article below to answer this issue.

What is an ATS electrical cabinet?

ATS electrical cabinet is a type of electrical cabinet used in the building’s electrical system to automatically switch power when there is a power outage for the load.

Current types of ATS electrical cabinets

Currently, on the electrical cabinet market there are the following popular types of ATS electrical cabinets:

  • The cabinet has 1 mains power source and 1 backup generator source
  • The cabinet has 1 mains power source and 1 backup power source
  • The cabinet has 1 mains power source and 2 backup generator sources
  • The cabinet has 1 wind or solar power source, 1 backup grid power source
  • The cabinet has 2 mains power sources and 1 backup generator power source

What is an ATS electrical cabinet?

Structure and functional roles of ATS electrical cabinets

1. Functional role of ATS cabinet

  • Switch load to backup power provided by the generator when the mains power is lost
  • Protect electrical equipment from voltage drops, phase loss, neutral loss, etc.
  • Automatically switch backup power source and main power source when power failure
  • Easily connect to computer to adjust parameters
  • Able to combine with MSB distribution cabinets and power compensation cabinets to increase flexibility in the electrical system
  • In addition, ATS cabinets are also integrated with many other roles such as remote control, monitoring,…

– Currently, the cabinet has 2 operating modes: manual control at the machine or automatic control so users can easily operate.

2. Structure of ATS electrical cabinet

– The structure of the ATS electrical cabinet provided by Hung Phat includes the following parts:

  • Self-standing electrical enclosure made of 2mm powder-coated steel
  • Indicator light, protective fuse, intermediate relay
  • ATS controller
  • ATS 3P – 800A
  • Multi-function meter
  • Bus bars, bus bar supports
  • Jealousy and other auxiliary materials such as bolts and control wires

In addition to the above parts, we also provide equipment components inside the cabinet according to customer requirements.

Benefits when customers buy ATS electrical cabinets at Hung Phat Technology Joint Stock Company

  • High quality genuine product
  • Quick and convenient installation at the construction site
  • Competitive prices in the market
  • Good warranty
  • Consulting before and after installation enthusiastically and thoughtfully

Thank you readers for following the article about ATS electrical cabinets, we hope that the information we provide is useful to you.

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