Elevator problems may be encountered in the rainy season

Elevators are also one of the devices most commonly affected by the stormy season. Everyone in the management board of high-rise buildings, as well as fathers whose homes have a family elevator, must always improve the spirit of using and protecting the elevator properly, especially during the rainy and stormy season, to ensure the safety of human life.

Water seeped into the elevator pit

The elevator PIT pit is a system located deep underground, so it will be the part directly affected if flooding occurs on wet days. During the process of installing the elevator, the construction units carried out waterproofing for the elevator pit. However, after heavy rain, the moisture in the ground increases sharply because the amount of water that infiltrates can seep into the PIT hole.

nuoc vao ho pit thang may

Each unit and family needs to check the elevator pit to see if there is water penetration. If so, it is necessary to immediately take waterproofing measures to keep the pit dry to avoid unfortunate incidents from occurring.

Water seeped into the elevator cabin

– Water leaks in ladders during heavy rains can also occur. Water is the bane of most electronic devices, so letting water leak in the ladder can also cause unpredictable consequences. Usually there is a roof above the engine room to prevent rain from seeping in. However, there are ventilation holes on the elevator ceiling to help us avoid suffocation or lack of air when standing inside the carbine.

– During the dry season, these ventilation systems work extremely effectively, but during the rainy season, they face some problems because rainwater will follow and leak inside the elevator cabin. Therefore, if the wet days last for a long time, we can temporarily cover these ventilation holes to prevent the elevator room from getting wet or the control panel from encountering water, causing damage, short circuit or electricity, making the elevator unsafe when in use.

The elevator had a problem and smelled

– The elevator space is small and narrow, but it is used frequently by many people, leading to high humidity during the shopping season, which can cause odors in the elevator. Therefore, we should also have measures to deodorize elevators. Such as using dry towels to clean the elevator room, using scented bags and desiccant bags. An accident is something that happens that we do not expect.

– Elevator accidents can happen like any other means of transportation. Therefore, we need to take preventive measures and improve the spirit of maintaining the elevator so that it operates smoothly and minimizes incidents. Ensure safety of life and property.

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