What makes Fuji lift Korea gains customer trust?

Operation quality is guaranteed

Manufactured by a closed production line, high technology. As a result, Fuji lift Korea is

• Durable, withstand fast traffic and moving speed.

• Long lifetime, can operate for many years

• Rare breakdowns and malfunctions, low maintenance costs

• Having experienced technical team, ready to support anytime, anywhere

Having intelligent control system

Applying artificial intelligence technologies, Korean elevator:

• Move smoothly without shaking, minimizing noise

• Fast speed, accurate floor stop

• During a power outage, it automatically moves to the nearest floor and open the door

Excellent energy saving ability

• The motor is gearless type with a permanent magnet, increasing energy savings up to 40%

• The control system uses energy-saving VVVF inverter technology

• There is almost no energy consumption when the elevator is in standby mode

Modern and diverse designs, space saving

• Designed in elegant, modern, simple and luxurious styles, suitable for many different needs.

• Smart design, suitable for all projects with different sizes thanks to the flexible architecture, easy to change in accordance with requirements

• Optimal saving of usable area

Produced to a high standard

• Designed by leading experts from Fuji Japan

• All product qualities are strictly inspected by Fuji

• Meet Fuji’s production and assembly standards

• The specifications are calculated, carefully considered to meet international standards

Top-quality after-sales service

• Good warranty policy to ensure benefits for customers

• Non-exclusive equipment and specialized software

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