Why can’t you ignore elevator maintenance?

In recent times, the press has continuously published news about elevator incidents, making people extremely worried about the quality and maintenance of the machine during operation and use. Many questions are raised about why elevator maintenance cannot be ignored. Let’s find out the reasons below with Hung Phat.

Reasons why elevator maintenance cannot be ignored

Currently, the pressing question is what procedures need to be done to ensure elevator safety during operation to minimize unnecessary incidents. Just like other equipment such as generators, air conditioners, and means of transport such as motorbikes, cars, etc., elevators also need periodic maintenance to ensure safety during operation. onion.

Diagnose and detect incidents early and prevent accidents

Regular elevator maintenance will help diagnose and early detect possible problems with equipment components in the elevator. In case of early detection of potential risks that may cause danger to users, they will be promptly notified to the investor for timely repairs.
The elevator is made up of more than 200 equipment components. If one of these components has a problem, it will lead to abnormal operation of the elevator.
Therefore, during the operation of the elevator, it is necessary to register the elevator. Sign cases of renovation, repair and replacement of major equipment such as: Changing equipment such as tractors, technical parameters such as load, speed, size of elevator shaft, engine room to avoid serious incidents. go out.
Why can't you ignore elevator maintenance?

Maintain stable, smooth and durable operation of the elevator

The second reason why elevator maintenance cannot be ignored is to help maintain stable and smooth operation of the elevator. We also know that “durability depends on the person”, taking care of, maintaining, and maintaining the elevator will help the home elevator increase its lifespan and quality.
At the same time, it is recommended that users should raise awareness during use such as not playing around and jumping in the elevator while operating, and complying with the operating instructions of the operating management unit. Besides, the smooth operation of the elevator creates a feeling of comfort and relaxation for users.

Save costs when replacing components

The elevator maintenance process will help keep the elevator always operating in the best condition, helping to prolong its life. At the same time, it helps save costs compared to replacing damaged components and equipment.
As mentioned above, elevators are made up of more than 200 types of equipment components, so when one device fails, it can cause other devices to fail, so the cost will be very expensive. Choosing a reputable elevator company will help the elevator always operate stably and save costs during use.

Protect user safety

User safety when using elevators is always the most concerned issue today. The cause of problems in elevators is lack of regular maintenance. At the same time, before putting the elevator into operation, it is necessary to have a safety inspection and registration to be licensed for use at the competent authority. To ensure user safety, you need to take care of elevator maintenance like you would your health.

During operation, if the elevator has a problem and stops, calmly press the emergency button or call for help. Absolutely do not arbitrarily break the elevator lid to escape to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

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