Advice on what to do when installing a home elevator

Currently, in Vietnam, installing home elevators is becoming more and more popular. Once you have chosen a suitable elevator set, you need to coordinate with the construction unit to prepare what needs to be done when installing the elevator so that everything can proceed most smoothly.

Consulting on home elevator installation

Choose a location to install the elevator pit

Choosing the location to install the elevator pit is the first thing to do when you want to install an elevator. Choosing a good installation location will be convenient for travel, while also helping the house achieve higher aesthetics.

Choosing the right location to install the ladder helps make the house more perfect.

Select the technical specifications of the elevator

The second job to do after choosing the location to install the home elevator is to choose the technical specifications of the elevator. When choosing, pay attention to the following parameters:
  • Load capacity of the elevator: because it is used for families, it is usually small elevators with a load capacity of 300kg to 850kg.
  • Dimensions: including cabin size, elevator door, elevator pit, pit depth, OH height.
  • Engine: There are 2 types: standard geared and non-geared engines.
  • Remote controll
  • Regarding power consumption: Investors should choose a home elevator with the smallest capacity but with equal load and speed to save power.
  • In addition, there are many other technical characteristics you need to choose to install the elevator most appropriately. For example: When choosing an elevator with a load of 300kg, the smallest standard pit size (width x depth) will be 1450 x 1450 mm, elevator door size is 650, cabin size: 1050 x 850 mm. If the customer chooses a gearless motor elevator made with permanent magnets without needing a machine room, the house becomes more luxurious. At the same time, it helps reduce construction height and save as much energy as possible.

Choose materials and designs of home elevator products

  • This is the work that needs to be done after selecting the technical characteristics that the manufacturing company advises the customer when they decide to install a home elevator. Materials include cabin door materials, floor doors, cabin door sills, cabin floors and ceilings, depending on the purpose of use and financial ability that the customer chooses accordingly.
  • A home elevator is a device that adds elegance and personality to your home. Therefore, when you choose the right material for the elevator, it will help enhance the beauty of the house and at the same time harmonize with the overall structure of the house.

Choose a location for elevator materials when installing

Before sending materials to the installation site, the investor needs to find a dry location without material loss. Customers should check raw materials before putting them into storage locations for elevator installation work to avoid future disputes.

At the same time, it is necessary to arrange the materials in the warehouse in an orderly manner so that the work can be carried out quickly and easily.

Design and construction of family elevator pits

  • When designing and constructing an elevator pit, it is necessary to measure the dimensions and check the elevator chamber and well before installing the elevator.

  • The elevator pit design must have the correct designated area corresponding to the load. If the elevator pit is built with a larger area, it will be very dangerous because it violates elevator installation design standards, causing danger to people using the stairs.

  • Therefore, investors need to refer to many design consulting options from the architectural department and then choose the most feasible option to install the home elevator most effectively.

Note: Elevator pits without machine rooms have a different pit design than those with machine rooms.

During the process of installing a home elevator

  • When consulting on home elevator installation for customers, experts need to advise customers on installation work. At the same time, when installing elevators for customers, construction staff must be highly skilled and need to comply with regulations, under the supervision of construction supervisors.
  • This installation process by the technical staff will determine 50% of the elevator’s smooth and durable operation.

Before handing over to the investor

  • Before handing over the elevator to the investor, it is necessary to inspect the safety of the elevator before putting it into use. This work also needs to be re-checked when expired to keep users safe.
  • Close supervision from the elevator pit construction stage until handover is very important, arising factors are handled promptly, and elevator quality is also guaranteed.

Elevator maintenance and repair process

  • Elevator maintenance and upkeep is necessary after installing a home elevator. Regular maintenance will ensure the best quality of the ladder. If the frequency of using the ladder is low, the investor can request to extend the maintenance time while still maintaining the quality of the ladder.
  • Hopefully the above article will provide useful information for customers when they need advice on installing a home elevator to ensure the elevator operates in the best way.

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