Elevator design consulting

– The home lift is now an indispensable part of our houses, especially the adjacent villas, high-rise residential buildings, it is not easy to install an elevator having suitable load, size and dimensions that user can make the most of its functions, has high aesthetics and great value. With many years of experience, through hundreds of projects over five years, Hung Phat company will advise on elevator design for your project so that it is most aesthetic, most reasonable and absolutely safe

Elevator shaft consultation

– The technically correct construction of the elevator shaft greatly impacts the operation of the elevator later. If the building designers are knowledgeable and well versed in elevators, their designs will meet technical requirements of the elevator shaft since the beginning, otherwise, the investor needs to consult with elevator suppliers.

Elevator shaft design

– Depending on your project type which is a new constructed or renovated building, large or small site area, and according to the load of the elevator, Hung Phat elevator company will advise the design the elevator for you.

Machine room design

– If the building is not limited in height or big projects such as apartments, mini-apartments, hotels, etc., the works should have a motor with a gearbox and must have a machine room. In contrast, civil works, buildings with limited height should install gearless motors and do not need the engine room.

– In addition to some above basic parameters to install the best elevator for your family, the company also has a lot of detailed information related to the elevator, all of which are shown in the company’s catalog. Hung Phat is one of the leading units in the home elevator industry with a long history and experience of hundreds of works over the years, we always orientate customers towards good elevator design, latest, smartest, and absolutely safe lift configuration.

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