Should you choose Mitsubishi home elevators for high-rise buildings?

On the market today, there are many brands that manufacture and install home elevators. This makes it easier for customers to choose suitable products for their families. However, this can easily lead to encountering counterfeit or poor quality goods when purchasing.

Hung Phat Technology Development Joint Stock Company is a unit specializing in providing prestigious home elevator products from many different brands. With many years of experience, Mitsubishi home elevators are the brand that we recommend that customers use.

Mitsubishi elevators on the market today have two main product lines including: Mitsubishi Homelift Series-SED300S/SED200S and Mitsubishi Homelift. Giving customers more choices to install in their homes.

Advantages of Mitsubishi home elevators

The first plus point of this product line is its sophisticated, luxurious, and modern design. The family elevator has a compact size of 1350mm x 1350mm, a shallow pit from 450mm, does not require a machine room and only needs to use 1-phase electricity,  all cabin lighting is used with LED lights, thereby helping to save electricity for the home.

Products are produced on modern lines, advanced technology, and quality tested before being released to the market.

Disadvantages of Mitsubishi elevators

Besides the product advantages, there are still some disadvantages as follows:

  • Compared to other products, Mitsubishi home elevators have high prices because they are completely imported from abroad.
  • Equipment import time is long
  • The elevator’s travel is limited, the elevator can only work with buildings of about 4 floors, about 13m.
  • Equipment replacement and maintenance costs are high, because you have to wait for equipment and spare parts to be imported from abroad, affecting family activities.

Because of some of these limitations, Mitsubishi home elevators cannot reach the majority of customers.

With this article, we hope customers will choose the right home elevator product for their home.

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